Therme Amadé

The Therme Amadé Spa is located on 30,000 square metres of landscaped serenity, surrounded by the outstanding alpine countryside of Altenmarkt. It offers an extensive range of sauna and water experiences, and is located only 15 minutes by car from Bergliebe.

A generously arranged pool area, a variety of sauna rooms and a unique, thrilling looping slide are just the highlights that ensure an exceptional spa experience. Step inside and feel the serenity and warmth.

Most of the pools are indoors and the two outdoor pools are connected by a swim-through passage. The pleasant water temperature enables all-year-round use, even during winter. It is especially good fun to swim outside when it is snowing.

The water is enriched with medicinal salt from the famous salt mine of Bad Ischl in Upper Austria. All pools, except the sports pool, children's pool and the surf lagoon, contain 1.5 – 2.5 % saline water. Salt water has a positive effect on the skin and the respiratory system. Salt inhaled in the steam grotto or applied during a sauna produces immediate effects.
The main attractions are the surf lagoon, the fun slides, the saline pools with different concentrations and the sports pool with its two diving boards.

13 km